G. Gordon Liddy

A Genuine G-Man

Looking the "proper place" for your client's product? How about putting it in the middle of "Reality Radio"? No kidding! There's a radio show that keeps its listeners through every minute of its airtime! Talk about a TSL Phenomenon!

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Not a copy of anyone else you may have heard, The G. Gordon Liddy Show is "Reality Radio". He's one of the few hosts talking about Washington DC who knows it - inside and out!

From his position as a high treasury official to a policy writer for the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Liddy knows all about the "hidden side" of Capitol Hill.

When you place your client's product announcement in the middle of Liddy's show, you've just positioned it in a show with the least amount of "tune-out" in syndicated radio today.

After all, Liddy was the FBI's youngest supervisor in its history, trained as an Israeli paratrooper, and has written books based on his broad experience in various positions within our government. Best of all, he's coherent, concise with a no BS attitude.

Liddy hates "political speak", talks about his real-life experiences and isn't afraid to tell people about the sponsors who keep him on the air.

C'mon! You know what it takes to make your clients happy these days…more exposure for their products with a whole lot less budget to do it! So why not let The G. Gordon Liddy Show get you the most for your client's money?

G. Gordon Liddy…the only G-Man worth listening to these days!

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