Doug Stephan

Doug Stephan’s Good Day

Guess what! Some of the 60s Crowd actually "grew up!" And Doug Stephen is one of them. He not only grew up on radio as a DJ, but he's now heard on over 400 radio stations in the morning because he has a positive outlook on life!. His millions of listeners thing that's a good thing!

Doug is easy on his listeners' ears. There's no other way to say it. While other Morning People may have a "Schock Schtick", Doug prefers to "ease on into his mornings." Listeners love that!

Anyone can talk about how bad things are these days. But why emphasize the obvious? Doug prefers to get people going in the morning with a little spring in their step! Give a little hope that something might just go right today! At least, wake his listeners up and get them out the door with some positive feelings about life!

And leave it to Doug to find the positive things to talk about - from reading a simple letter about something good a listener had happen to talking about life on his farm in New England.

Doug Stephan's Good Day doesn't ignore what's happening in our world or the discouraging things some people are living with. But Doug always suggests a way of showing his listeners how they can show they care about people less fortunate than themselves.

Why is this approach to mornings important? Because how you wake up will often determine your entire day! Think about the possibilities this gives your advertising clients. Can you imagine presenting Doug Stephan's Good Day is a safe and positive haven for their product-messages?

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