Dennis Prager

Mr. Candid

Do you think anyone can make it in the radio talk-show game by being "wishy-washy?" Neither do we! That's why we recommend The Dennis Prager Show as a place for any of your clients who are definitive about their products.

You see, Dennis Prager is, at the very least, definitive. He knows what he believes and is willing to state it…notice, we said, "state it", not shout it.

Dennis has the keen ability to state his convictions clearly and succinctly, without a vocabulary meant to impress his listeners. Dennis has things well thought out before he makes a statement about them.

Oh, don't get us wrong! Dennis has a significant education behind his thoughts and comments. But as a "communicator", he knows how to get his opinions heard and understood in an entertaining manner.

Best of all, when Dennis finishes his daily show, the listeners have learned something new. They don't feel like they have heard the "same-old, same-old" talk-tripe of every other program on-air.

What's the benefit to your clients? Their products and services will be placed in "good company." Instead of having that "thrown-in-at-the-last minute" feeling, your clients will be pleased with Dennis' ability to speak intelligently about them. Listeners will get an endorsement for your client without feeling any kind of pressure….just good, reasonable, common sense.

You have to try The Dennis Prager Show for a new height in advertising. It's way beyond the normal "schtick" of what they're used to!

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