SRN News

The Programming

“SRN News” is a 5 minute comprehensive radio newscast at the top of each hour. Based in Washington D.C. the newsmaker capitol of the world, with correspondents from the Supreme Court to the steps of Capitol Hill, SRN News provides listeners with total coverage twice each hour … 24 hours a day … 7 days a week. • Fully equipped broadcast facilities at the U.S. House, Senate, & White House • Reporters located worldwide • Part of News Pool 1 with ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Reuters, and UPI • Frequent business & sports reports • Life style features & audio feeds

The History

Begun in the mid 80’s as Standard News, SRN News has developed into one of the most mainstream dependable sources of news in America. Now located in its new, fully-digital International News Center, just 10 minutes from the White House and Capitol Hill. SRN News is rapidly expanding, adding affiliates in major markets and providing stations with dependable news coverage.