Peter Greenberg Worldwide

Ever listened to someone hosting a “Travel Show” and wondered if they had ever been there? Peter Greenberg has! In fact, Peter doesn’t report on any place he hasn’t been! He likes to “Go.”

His authenticity as a “travel reporter’ has been the basis of a broadcast history with NBC, The Today Show, CNBC, along with being an editor for Newsweek. You see, because Peter has “been there”, he is comfortable enough with his knowledge to be entertaining at the same time. What a novelty!

As much as some of us have to endure hearing about “far-away places”, it really helps when our host is telling you of his actual, real-life experiences in these exotic, end-of-the-earth locations. That’s why we recommend Peter Greenberg Worldwide to you and your advertising clientele.

And make no mistake! These shows are not the old hum-drum type of travelogues that have been thrown at listeners because the host got a free trip out of it! Peter’s been there, at his own expense!

Peter Greenberg Worldwide…sounds imposing, doesn’t it? It just states a fact. Peter’s a guy who tells listeners about life around the world in a friendly, witty conversational style of broadcasting. That’s why guys like Bill Marriott and Roger Frizzell from American Airlines like him.

Your advertisers may have to get in line for placement on Peter’s show. But you will never be embarrassed by getting them on Peter Greenberg Worldwide. Peter’s station ratings, both TSL and CUME, continue to climb...sort of like some of those flights he talks about each week.